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Ganga Vilas Cruise – A Longest Cruise of the World

Ganga Vilas Cruise longest river cruise of the world departs from varanasi navigating 27 river system exploring historic 48 sites including major historical sites starting from Vishwanath Temple like Mahabodhi Temple in Bodhgaya, Charbangla Temple, Katra Masjid and various ganga ghats in 51 days and will go upto Dibrugarh covering Dhaka capital of Bangladesh. It will cover around 3200 KM (including 1100km of Bangladesh) across 27 rivers system in 5 indian state.and Bangladesh. Ganga Vilas Cruise can accommodate 36 passengers in 18 suits.

Facilities In Ganga Vila Cruise

Ganga Vila Cruise is having all type of modern facilities including Gym, Spa , 18 suites room, 40 seater restaurant , 3 sundek, musical activities and Library.

Tourist Spot Ganga Vila Cruise will cover

Ganga Vila Cruise cover almost 50 tourist spots like Bodhgaya, Hazarduari Palace, Mahabodhi Temple, Katra Masjid, Char Bangla Temple including Kaziranga National Park UNESCO World Heritage Center which is known for Elephant. The Cruise will also pass through the one of the World Heritage Sites Sunderbans in the Bay of Bengal known for Royal Bengal Tigers. It will cover three major river Ganga, Brahmputra and Meghna. The travelers will also visit to the Vikramashila University and School of Yoga in Bihar will see the spiritual and educational heritage of India.

Ganga Vila Cruise Map

Ganga Vila Cruise will cover various states of India such as Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, and Assam. Ganga Vilas Cruise Start from Varanasi and then Ghazipur Buxar, Patna, Munger, SahibGanj , Farraka, Kolkata then to Dhaka Capital of Bangladesh and from there to Last stop Dibrugarh. So in 51 days Ganga Vila Cruise will cover 3200 KM.

Trip Cost

Ganga Vila Cruise having 18 suites rooms with various luxury facilities like Spa Gym and covering various Historical Place and River System with Kaziranga National Park and Sunderbans in Bengal covering all this in 51 days Trip wll cost you almost INR 20 lakh per passenger.

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